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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh what shall I read next

 Finished writing my review of    Always something Doing - Boston's infamous Scollay Square  I am not sure if I should put anything else in the review? Any way, it's my first book review based on my new Boston book review blog. 

I still have not figured out exactly what I am going to call the blog. I have a long list of ideas, but nothing jumps out at me.  I want something that will reflect back on the history, and be catchy enough to attract people to the blog.

So far ideas include

Always Reading Something - in honor of the book I just finished. Reading it and looking for other people who might have read it is what pushed me to create a book review blog about Boston in the first place.

A shining city on a hill - From a description of Boston made by  Governor Winthrop of how he saw New England would become for the world.

I also started thinking of plays on the original three hills of Boston, now flattened but nothing really works.  Boston between the binders or Between three book shelves.

Well back to the grind stone. I'm not taking the site live for a while. I am going to wait until I have a good stack of book reviews up. So some time around the end of the month.  I'll let every one know. 

My next book for the Boston book blog will be "A Most Fortunate Ship: A narrative history of Old Ironsides"  Does any one have any favorite books about Boston or set in Boston they would like to see reviewed?  Or better yet would anyone like to join me in writing book reviews. I think at best I am looking at several thousand books making the very simple standards of the blog. I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Maybe not, it's not like I need an excuse to read books.

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