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Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review - Weird Massachusetts

Some times you have to read a book for fun. This is one of those books.
Weird Massachusetts
Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran authors of "Weird U.S." and first known for their zine "Weird New Jersey" have expanded the brand. Hiring Jeff Belanger to travel the state, looking for the oddities that claim the Bay State as their home.

They touch on local legends and Ancient Mysteries, Cemeteries to Abandoned areas. Each chapter more fun than the last. Who knew the Mary Celeste the worlds most famous ghost ship was connected to Marion Mass? Or that a Knight of Templar once lived in Westford. Salem gets close to it's own chapter, along with a mention of the Ouija board tucked into a paragraph some where in the middle. Is Freetown State Forest truly cursed, or just getting bad press.

The chapter on local Heroes and Villains is humerus, and slightly educational. Still I wish each group had been given their own chapter, if for no other reason that Ben Franklin and Albert DeSalvo not share a page.

Everyone's "favorite" lawn decoration gets two full pages, not enough for sure, but just enough to allow Donald Featherstone to say what must at this point be his motto "We brought poor taste to the poor people" I should say so, while I do not own a pink flamingo, I do have two glow in the dark skeleton flamingo. From Plymouth Rock to the Museum of Bad Art each page brings with it a bit more fun.

I only wish some of the write up of the least known locations had included directions on how to find them. Looks like I will have some searching to do.

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