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Book reviews with a Boston bent. Be it a book that takes place in Boston, or was written by a writer from Boston. Or one on the history of Boston. From comic book to graphic novels to the strange and weird. If it is about Boston you will find it here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest post Tuesday

I would like the thank the great folks at Boston Smarts for today's posts. If you like what you read here, swing on over to their blog Boston Smarts blog and say hello. BPL's Children's Writer in Residence Program Boston is not only home to great schools, the Red Sox, delicious seafood and good museums, Boston is also a destination for young writers aspiring to publish their first children's book. Boston Public Library provides its patrons with award-winning children's literature and unique educational programs, but it also fosters excellence in children's writing within our own community. The BPL's Children's Writer in Residence is a year-long program focused on children's authors and is intended to provide an emerging children's author in the Boston area with financial and administrative support to complete one children's book. Additionally it establishes a link between the library and the community by promoting the awareness of its offerings to young readers, families and teachers. Many free educational opportunities are provided by BPL and this program seeks to draw attention to those as well. BPL just announced the most recent addition to their Children's Writer in Residence: Sarah Winifred Searle from Danver, MA was chosen from among 60 applicants. She graduated from Southern Maine Community College with a degree in New Media and is studying Humanities at Harvard Extension School. She started her career as a game artist and wants to use this background to create a unique storytelling foundation for her children's books. As the BPL Writer in Residence, Sarah will have a stipend of $20,000 for the next nine months, access to the Library's special collections, use of office space as well as use of the Library as a forum to promote her finished work.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Restarting this thing

I have been doing a lot of reading, taking lots of notes in order to review books here. Doing every thing but posting said book reviews. Going to kick start myself by doing this.

Doing a selfsagacity meme, but for some reason the code will not transfer over.

1- Is my world big or small
--- Personally I have to say my world is big, not big big, but medium size big. I know people from all different walks of life, I have profiles in way to many networking sites to keep track of.

2- How do you feel about being known? Would you like to be famous?
--- It is kind of fun to be known, to talk to someone who has heard of me, or reads one of my many blogs, or comments in other blogs. In a way it helps in that I do not have to introduce my self. Someone who reads my personal blog already knows about my health issues, already knows I have a service dog. I think some times that my service dog is the famous one, and I am just along for the ride.

My two questions

1- Have you ever read a memoir of someone who suffered from an illness? One of my favorite is All in my head as a person who suffers from an invisible illness her struggles to find a cure had real resonance for me.

2- Have you ever meet a person for the first time, who you knew a little bit because you had read their blog?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I will not be attending The Boston Book festival today

I made the decision this morning when I got up. I am short on cash, so even if I did go I could not afford to buy any books. Bringing Byron was not in the cards. He is already stressed out with his surgery making him work would have been just a little to much. Without Byron I would be completely by myself.

Then my Mom called to let me know her convection oven had died, so she needed someone to take her to the store to get another one.  So no me today at the Book