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Monday, September 26, 2011

I had a fluffy day

Decided to take the T to Union Square instead of trying to drive. I thought I had written down the bus route I would have to take. But I could not find my list. So when we went to a bus stop that had a transfer to the Sullivan Square I transferred to that bus. Once we got to Sullivan Square it was easy to find a bus to Union Square. Byron was well behaved on each bus we got on, sliding under the chair and resting his nose on my leg. He was so well behaved on the trip over, just chilling out like he rode the bus every day.

Byron is for the record a super chill dog.

We got to Union Square just as the Fluff festival was about to start. Found the volunteer table and took a seat. Got to spend time helping to herd volunteers and be goofy. There was a big jar on the table full of marshmallows and there was a contest to guess the number of marshmallows in the jar. First prize was a neat one of a kind festival poster and a gift certificate to a Union Square place of business. Which was plainly boring, it had to be goofed with. It begged to be goofed with.

First I started telling people the prize was getting to eat the marshmallows, then that the prize was getting to play with Byron. I got progressively sillier including telling people that the winner got to watch ME eat the marshmallows. I reminded people as they grabbed their program books that guessing the number of the marshmallows in the jar was the ONLY thing keeping ME from opening the jar and eating every single marshmallow puff in there. People asked if there was any place where they could just put spoon to jar and eat marshmallow. I was kind of surprised that Durkee-Mowers Marshmallow Fluff company did not attend the festival. Maybe next year, I hope next year HOPE HOPE HOPE! I mean Fluff is made in Lynn Massachusetts, just up the street from me.

I spent a good amount of time sitting at the volunteer table, having fun being silly. I worked with Tugboat 23 Consulting and I had such a great time that I am thinking of letting her know if she needs a crazy person to do a sitting job, I'm available. Especially since she was kind enough to give me one of the special volunteer shirts. Instead of the regular shirts I got to wear a big f on my chest.

Susan Olsen was there showing her fluff art and being an all around great person. People kept coming up to our booth and asking where "Cindy Brady" was, I smiled and said, I'm not sure, but Susan Olsen the actress and artist who played Cindy Brady is under the red tent. I wanted to say hello to her and get a picture of her with Byron but it was to busy for most of the day. At the end of the festival I ran over to talk to her and take a picture with Byron. I think this is her web site I am fluff but I'm not sure, it has her art work on the site, but nothing about her.

She was not the only amazing person at the festival. Which tells you just how amazing the festival was Rick Linnehan an astronaut who took Marshmallow Fluff with him on the Endeavor. That so totally rocks, and yes Byron and I got a picture with him too!!

They had a contest to be the "Pharoh" of fluff, I was goofing on the idea of putting Byron in as a candidate, but I could not think of a goof riff on why he should be the new Pharoh.  Of course on the bus ride home I came up with an entire great speech. I wrote it down so look out next year.

We took the bus back to Sullivan Square and from there I decided it would be easier and quicker for Byron and I to jump on the Orange line. It was a much easier to transfer from subway to subway instead of standing on a street waiting for a bus to show up.  When we got on the Orange line Byron only needed a tiny bit of encouragement to jump up on a seat.  There was a family from Japan visiting Boston and they each wanted a picture with Byron!  We got to the blue line station and helped 3 woman figure out which train to take.  They were heading into the city and did not quite understand the in bound / out bound MBTA directions. 

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