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Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up on my reading

Leave it to a book blogger to add books to her "to be read" pile instead of reading what she already has. I have been reading some great books, including "The life signs of Star Trek" written by Susan Jenkins MD and Robert Jenkins. I just finished reading Fenway 1912 and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.

I plan on taking my Mom there this year. She has never been and is looking forward to going.

I am currently reading "Game Change" after watching the HBO movie, I was interested in reading the book. Since the movie was all about the McCain Palin team I thought the book would be as well. Much to my surprise the book is more about Obama than anyone else. At best McCain gets 3 chapters, and even those are more about his interaction with Obama than anything else.

Sarah Palin does not even get a mention until page 351!  Her story, so well told in the movie gets little mention in the book. I wonder if the selection of  Biden as Vice President gets more ink.

The majority of the book, pretty much the first 200 pages are about the primary battle between Obama and Clinton, the other candidates running in 2008 don't get a mention. Well except for quoting  Biden's gaff about Obama being well spoken. So Game Change confuses me, I was looking for a good book reviewing the historic 2008 election, instead I got a book mostly  about the primary. Which is a good book, just not the one I was expecting. I also don't like the way the Clintons are portrayed in the book.  I felt it was a bit unfortunate for the portral of both of them. From the way Heilemann and Halperin describe her it sounds as if Clinton was willing to watch the Democratic party self destruct instead of loosing what she felt (or at least the book version of her) she deserved.

One thing that did surprise me early on in the book is the idea that Obama was pushed to run for President by the leaders of the party.  I did kind of have a feeling that was true, but the book names the people pushing him. 

The 2008 Presidential campaign does deserve to have several books written about it. Maybe a few insiders on both sides of the election will some day provide more background.  This was an historic election, I would enjoy reading more.  Sadly, Game Change is not that book.

It's good, a real page turner, but it's not what I thought it would be. 

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  1. You know, it's weird, but because I was out of the loop, I didn't think too much about the 2008 election, until it was time for me to vote, and then I had to scramble to read one of those quickie "Voter Guides" that are printed and distributed by the Board of Elections. I think I actually had to call the League of Women Voters to find out my polling place. And once I got there, they told me I was at the wrong one, and told me to go to another school. I called one of my friends to take me, and she had to vote in that district, too, so we both voted. I do remember watching the Inauguration because they showed it in the auditorium where I worked then, and they invited everybody to come watch it. I thought then that it was an historic moment, but I didn't think of the election itself as historical.