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Book reviews with a Boston bent. Be it a book that takes place in Boston, or was written by a writer from Boston. Or one on the history of Boston. From comic book to graphic novels to the strange and weird. If it is about Boston you will find it here

Friday, January 6, 2012

So many things can end up being about Boston.

Sorry there has been not a single blog post from me since the beginning of December. Next week is the big Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Arisia and my entire being mentally and physically has been all wrapped up in getting ready for the convention.  I hope to see many friends there and make a few more while I am at it. 

I happen to  be a fan of the blog 
 Unlikely Words  I like that he always finds new and interesting things for me to learn.  Wednesday's blog post was especially interesting because it talked about accents.  As a strongly non-rhotic "speaka" --- "er" I have always wondered how the Boston accent came to be.  Lucky me, Aaron Cohen was thinking about the very same thing.  Just unlike me he actually knew the answer. British people use to have American Accents

So with dropped R's to all and good reads I bid you not good bye but see you soon.  I will be attached to Byron, as always and having the time of our lives. Please remember when Byron is wearing his blue vest he is working and should not be bothered. That and my severe food allergies, I want to spend the weekend at the convention, not Mass General.


  1. Mr. Byron Dumas looks handsome and happy in that picture.

    I think it might help to expand the topics of your blog, to reading generally, since I (try) to read regularly, and I'd be interested in what you're reading, besides stuff about Boston, although I'm sure you have many people from the Boston area who read your blog with an eye towards Boston, but you would still be writing about your Boston reads, too, so you should lose them. I'm sorry, was that the longest, most convoluted sentence ever?